Exchanging Places


Project curated by Maria Vassileva based on an idea by Dimitrina Sevova, in the context of their work with the Group 8th March

Project description

The project "Exchanges Places" gets its inspiration from the artist's wish to "look through the eyes of the other", to project works of art on a different political, economic and social environment in order to make visible to what extent processes in art are influenced by these conditions. 11 women artists participate in this project: 5 from Bulgaria, 3 from Switzerland, 1 from Macedonia, 1 from Romania, and 1 from Austria. The idea is that each of the participants change, for a period of 10 days, her personal identity and occupy the position of an "other" in her studio, home, country, and world. The produced works of art reflect this "moving" with all its consequences. The project raises the following questions: Do all women artists speak the same artistic language? In what way does social reality influence the creative process? To what extent is a creative person free? Can she disregard specific conditions? In what way does contemporary aesthetics fall under the influence of ideology, religion, politics? What does it mean to be a contemporary woman and artist in different countries and social environments?